Your Heat Treatment Experts

Over 125 Years of Experience

Whether you are involved in the Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial or Commercial industries, you more than likely utilize heat treatment within your manufacturing processes. Usually this involves heating or chilling materials to extreme temperatures in order to improve product quality and performance. This is where Tuthill Springfield tackles the harsh demands of your heat treatment process with tough, rugged reliable vacuum pumps, blowers and engineered systems.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Tuthill’s Systems Engineering Group is available to design and build a custom blower or vacuum system for your specific application. Application engineers are ready to understand your design needs and help you build a high quality blower or vacuum system to help drive the rest of your process.

Tuthill Blowers, Vacuum Boosters, and Vacuum Solutions

Tuthill's industrial blowers, boosters, and vacuum pumps are designed for rugged, high performance applications. Our special materials of construction and mechanical seal designs are ideally suited for processes up to 18 PSIG or 17” Hg vacuum. In a vacuum booster combination with an existing or new backing pump you will see faster pump down time and deeper vacuum levels.

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