Your Trusted Tuthill CARE Center

Genuine Tuthill Replacement Parts

Use only genuine Tuthill replacement parts to ensure you receive maximum performance from your vacuum pump, booster or blower. Tuthill offers individual parts and convenient repair kits to satisfy any level of maintenance or repair. Our global network of distributors and representatives carry many parts in stock for quick delivery to minimize your downtime. Our knowledgeable customer service team can also assist you in identifying the correct parts needed for your maintenance project.


If your vacuum pump or blower isn’t performing as expected or if nuisance issues in your system are causing unplanned downtime, an experienced Tuthill engineer can visit your facility and perform an application assessment.

Genuine Tuthill Oil

Oil is the life blood of your equipment and taking care of lubrication is critical to up-time. There are many oil options available but only Tuthill branded oil is formulated for maximum life of Tuthill products and won’t compromise your product warranty.

On-Site Repair & Maintenance

When maintenance crews are too busy, short-handed, or maybe you just don’t have the necessary knowledge to repair a blower or vacuum pump. Tuthill can provide the solution with service support at your location by one of our experienced factory technicians.

Installation Support

When installing a vacuum pump system or blower package, it is critical that it is done correctly to ensure a successful start-up and to prevent unplanned downtime. Tuthill can give you confidence with a highly trained engineer who will be on-site to help ensure that your installation and commissioning is completed trouble free.

Let Tuthill Reduce Your Downtime!