PD Plus: Designed to handle rugged, high performance applications

Designed For High Performance Applications

Known For Quality, Dependability, & Outstanding Performance

The Tuthill PD Plus is a long-established line of premium industrial blowers with additional flexibility to configure into a vacuum booster. Our special materials of construction and mechanical seal designs are ideally suited for processes with air or specialty gases up to 18 PSIG or 17” Hg vacuum. These blowers are known for their quality, dependability, and outstanding performance and are designed for rugged, high performance applications.

PD Plus Features & Benefits


Double Envelope Gas Service

In addition to the features shown on the single envelope series, the drive shaft is mechanically-sealed and the oil sumps are plugged to provide an even higher degree of leakage protection.

Single Envelope Gas Service

Vent openings are tapped and plugged to prevent gas leakage. These fittings can also accept an inert gas purge for positive containment of the process gas.


Heavy-duty models ranging from 3.25” to 12” gear diameter and 2.5” to 48” rotor length designed to handled your toughest operational requirements to exact specifications.


PD Plus blowers can be configured into a vacuum booster. Vacuum boosters are used to “supercharge” vacuum pumps to greatly extend pump performance. This creates faster pumping speeds and deeper vacuum levels.


Seal areas are vented to atmosphere to relieve process pressure against the internal lip seals, and to provide oil-free air.

Find the Perfect Size & Solution for Your Application!

VBXpert Portal is an online tool that Tuthill developed to assist customers in properly selecting the right product for their applications. It is renowned by experts in the industry as the most useful tool available for vacuum pump and blower sizing and selection. View customized curves, datasheets, and product drawings based on your operational requirements as well as gain access to compare multiple product options ensuring the best solution for your application.

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